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This page contains information about releases of the plugin that gives the server most of its features. This is the plugin that adds all of the custom Mobs and Items, alongside most of the custom Blocks. Other plugins are used where necessary, but this plugin does all of the heavy lifting. It will be regularly updated as new features are added in. In the future, you will be able to find out what version of the plugin the server is currently running with a command. For now, you're stuck trusting the wiki. See Upcoming Changes for changes that will be in the next version.

Version 0.1

Version Date of Addition Additions
0.1-b977 June 18, 2012


  • Changed the name from CPPCraft to The Minery. We needed a not-crummy name. I'm open to suggestions if anyone doesn't like it.
  • Fix for custom blocks being placed in water. This is a spout issue, but they don't seem to be making any traction on fixing it, so, I wrote a workaround.
  • New slabs: Glass Slabs, Marble Slabs, Marble Brick Slabs
  • New blocks: Colored Glass! (A-la StainedGlass)
    • And slabs for these blocks, while we're at it!
0.1-b703 June 12, 2012


  • Tools now stack correctly (or don't stack at all, to be more specific)
  • Skin issues should be resolved. Custom entities should now always show up as the correct mob. No more white creepers!
  • A bunch of smaller backend fixes.
  • (Some stuff that no one can see yet because it's not finished. There's some cool stuff coming, though.)
0.1-b394 June 7, 2012


  • Undead are now able to slow & poison players. Beware!
  • Jellyfish damage is now Heart.svgHeart.svg (From Heart.svgHalf Heart.svg)
  • Jellyfish drop more exp.
  • Jellyfish (hopefully) will stop randomly attacking players that are nowhere nearby.
    • If you continue to see this, please let me know. I've been toying with removing their ability to attack for the time being.
  • Emerald has the same texture it has in the vanilla pre-releases. It will be converted to MC emerald when 1.3 rolls around.
  • Emerald now spawns like it does in vanilla. I hope you enjoyed the free currency!
  • Bugfix: Emerald and Ruby blocks drop when you break them with the appropriate tools again.
  • Add Marble Column Base with the same recipe as the Marble Column Head, but rotated.
  • Add Jelly (Which still does nothing)
  • Persistant Player data storage added.
0.1-b216 May 27, 2012


  • Undead now drop zombie flesh and more exp
  • Undead now deal 1.5x as much damage as a normal zombie.
  • Custom mobs drop spawn eggs when killed with the mob wand
  • Various minor backend fixes.
  • Blocks spawned in the world should start having the correct underlying block now. (Areas that have already been spawned will still have some blocks with the wrong underlying block sometimes.)
  • Fixed custom entities not being spawned once certain types of entities were killed.

Known issues:

  • Pikachu's sounds are still broken.
0.1-b158 May 23, 2012
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