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This wiki is here to describe all of the unique stuff on the server, and provide a place for users to discuss this new material. It is a constant work in progress, and is open to anyone interested for editing. Just register your account and confirm your email. Contact cppchriscpp if you run into any issues.

What's new?

10/19/2012 Due to incessant spam, I've disabled registration on the wiki. If you want an account, just let me know and I'll get you set up. I had to delete nearly 5500 junk pages (advertising schlongpills) today - I don't want to keep doing that.

10/10/2012 A new version is finally live and working off of 1.3. This update mainly brings compatibility with 1.3, but also brings out the new enchanting system! The levels things are at are subject to change though - the levels were designed for 1.2, and are a bit high now. The terrain generation has also been tweaked - we no longer use TerrainControl; we just spawn ores into the world naturally. Progress on the next update continues, but we're not there yet. Between this and 1.4, the nether just might be an interesting place again.

9/26/2012 Yeah, I know. 1.3 builds still aren't available, so we're still stuck waiting. I'm starting to re-evaluate the costs and benefits of Spoutcraft. Will update when there's news.

7/31/2012 We will be updating to 1.3 as soon as Bukkit and SpoutPlugin update, for those wondering. This update won't be bare, either. A certain feature from a future version has been backported into the current version, and will be made available during the upgrade. The new world generation and such is coming along, but isn't quite ready for prime-time yet. Soon, though.

6/18/2012: Version 0.1-b977 is out. This time there are a bunch of new blocks, including Colored Glass, Glass Slabs, and Marble Slabs.

6/12/2012: I did a quick update today. The version number went up a lot, but it added very little content. The main fix of 0.1-b703 is that entity skin issues should be completely resolved.

How do I connect?

You'll need the Spoutcraft client to connect. It's a new Minecraft client that installs separately from Minecraft itself. It allows us to have new unofficial content. Get it here. The server is There is also an IRC chatroom that is connected with the server. It is #Minery on

What kind of new content is there?

We have new blocks, new mobs, and some new items. There are also a few other other unique features that we have. We've also got a few new gameplay aspects which are unique to the server. Of course, it's still Minecraft at its core. It's still all about building and survival.

What else is planned?

Planned features are described on the Upcoming Features page. Users are welcomed to add their own ideas to this page as well. Stuff on this page isn't guaranteed to be in future versions, but if it's on this page, it will at least be considered.

I ran into a bug!

Yeah, they exist. Spout is pretty buggy right now, but it's at least functional. Check out the known issues page to see the bugs that we already know about. If you run into something new, feel free to email to ask about it. If it's definitely related to the Spout system itself, you can just add it to the known issues page, as well.

I have questions!

We have a FAQ page. If your question isn't answered there, ask it in the talk section. You'll get an answer, and it may be added. (If you don't see an answer and want one asap, contact

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