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  • Teleporter blocks.
    • These will be blocks that you can use to get around the world faster. For any players on the last server, they will be somewhat reminiscent of portals. However, they will work off of redstone this time, and need to be physically connected. The recipe is expected to be a combination of rubies and obsidian.
  • Computer
    • More than just a decorative block...
  • Camera
    • This is still in the planning phases, but it's almost exactly what you think. Take a picture with it, and it is saved. It will be available to be seen in the game, and also may be available through some sort of mini-site that I can set up later. Plus, if I can pull it off correctly, you'll be able to display these blocks as custom paintings! They will be able to be placed on walls, will be limited to one block in width/height, (at least to start; sorry) and they will take up the block that they are in. (Think signs on walls.)
  • New nether generator
    • The plan involves unique ores, some new structures, and a bunch of new nether-specific mobs. This unfortunately will require a reset of the nether. Don't build there if you care about it!
  • Finish Rubber Trees
    • Rubber & some blocks made with it. Possibly a trampoline.
  • Configuration menu
    • Whether to use the new join system or the old one
    • Whether to enable the new enchanting system.
    • More, eventually.
  • Any other ideas?

Bugs to Fix

  • Custom mobs drop exp when killed indirectly
  • Custom mobs do not drop extra loot when killed by a Looting sword
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